The Commissioning Process


First, we discuss materials, size, shape, wording, lettering style and any treatments such as painting or gilding. We’ll discuss the piece’s final location and your deadlines.

Initial sketch of piece
A small sketch, scaled drawing with a sample of the actual size lettering.

Having discussed ideas, a sketch is sent to you along with an outline of costs. Following this, your design is further refined if necessary.

When you have approved the design, it is sometimes necessary to get a permit for the design, especially with headstones. I can help in approaching the relevant authorities for you.

Once you give the go-ahead, the material is ordered. It may take up to 6 weeks for the stone to arrive. A deposit is required before the work begins.


Piece drawn out on material
‘Barons Oast’ Drawn out prior to cutting.

Having received the material, I draw the design onto the stone. At this stage if you would like to see the drawing out before the cutting, a visit to the workshop can be arranged.

Cutting, Painting & Gilding

Painting a piece after cutting
Painting v-cut letters.

The letters are hand carved using lettering chisels and dummy.

After the cutting is complete, gilding or painting can commence.


Fixing the headstone, memorial stone or house plaque is the final stage of your project. With wall plaques the fixing can be permanent or removable. Headstones are fixed upright into the ground and ledger stones fixed flat on the ground.